Nomad Notebooks


When you join the Nomad Notebook team you're choosing to be different, and that choice will gain the respect of everyone who enters your business. (At least we can hope.) Nomad Notebooks are a mixed up notebook that stands out from other notebooks and would love a home in your art store, book store, sneaker shop, photography studio, bakery, rugged outfitter shop and anywhere else someone might get the urge to be creative.They're literally for anyone and everyone.

Minimum Order: $150 minimum on all wholesale orders.

Payment: Payment is due in advance and can be made via credit card through Paypal or a Paypal account.

Selling: Nomad Notebooks cannot be resold through third party vendors like Amazon or eBay. Please contact us directly with questions and instructions regarding this.

Shipping: Shipping costs are determined by the content of the shipment and the address to which items are being shipped.