Nomad Blend Preorder Bundle 07 - Notebooks + Leather Cover

Nomad Blend Preorder Bundle 07 - Notebooks + Leather Cover

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The Nomad Blend is a limited edition 3-pack of pocket sized notebooks themed around coffee. The covers are printed with an aromatic mocha coffee scented ink. Inside each notebook is six different kinds of paper: cream, coffee beans, graph, brown, lined and latte art. The inside covers include cupping charts, a fillable flavor guide and a crafted drink checklist.

Once again we have partnered with Tyler Newberry at Nice Custom Goods based out of Houston, Texas. He's been with us since our launch on Kickstarter and the leather covers he creates always sell out. Now is your chance to own one along with our newest limited edition notebooks. 

This preorder bundle will include:  

• The Nomad Blend notebooks
• Handcrafted Nomad leather cover 

Preorders close 10.6.20 at 11:59PM EST. Notebooks ship once preorders close. Please allow 2-4 weeks for additional items to ship as there are varying production times associated with add-ons.