Conspiracy Pack
Conspiracy Pack
Conspiracy Pack
Conspiracy Pack
Conspiracy Pack

Conspiracy Pack

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The Conspiracy Pack is our first limited edition run of notebooks. This three pack is comprised of notebooks we call Illuminati, criminology and extraterrestrial. Each notebook contains different types of thoughtfully curated mixed up paper based on related subject matter. Behind the Design Conspiracy theories exist across the globe, and these ideas seem to take on a life of their own and get passed down throughout generations. Many conspiracy theories are completely ridiculous, but there are several that are based on small truths and pieces of stories that seem to take hold in the undercurrents of popular culture. As we discussed our next series of notebooks, we began to look into the imagery associated with conspiracy theories and how we could abstract those elements into pages for a notebook. The rich history and iconography related to conspiracy theories intrigued us, so we jumped into research and development related to these ideas. For example, the Illuminati is associated with several different icons and images, but the first thing that comes to most people's mind is the all seeing eye atop a pyramid. The triangle shape is used throughout Illuminati references, so as we brainstormed ideas of using the triangle shape, the idea for a new triangle graph paper came to the forefront. This is just one example, but several ideas such as this are throughout every book, and we are anxious to share our developed content that will dig into the details in the near future.

The cover of the Illuminati notebooks features Illuminati-influenced presidential images, visual connections to the secret societies whose membership included many United States presidents, and a link to the past through the ancient pyramids. Moving to the inside cover you will notice images of US presidents, but can you figure out the rest? Inside pages consist of plain, triangle graph, secret handshakes pattern, GPS coordinates to secret locations, the eye and a vintage map of Washington, D.C.

There is the conspiracy theory, and there is conspiracy related to crime. The cover of the criminology notebook features pieces of unclassified FBI documents all connected to popular conspiracies and conspiracy theories. On the inside cover you will find a fingerprint chart. The inside text pages are comprised of plain, bullet, a passport page, lined with fingerprints, dot graph and an abstraction of the redacted documents from the front cover.

UFOs, Roswell, Area 51, SpaceX ... the list could go on and on because it seems that everyone is fascinated with aliens and life on other planets. As we took a trip into the outer regions of space, we started looking at what we could do that was unique and different, while hiding in plain sight. This notebook features a unique double cover. The first layer is a translucent red vellum cover that, when overlayed on the standard cover, reveals the image printed on the cover below more clearly. A hint that what you see, isn't always reality. As you move to the inside cover, you can see a fireball map. What were those bright lights seen in the sky? As we venture into the text pages we find plain, bullet, pieces of newspapers, spiral graph, a sound chart and a moon surface page.

Once you dig a little deeper into the story behind the notebooks you will quickly realize the level of attention and detail we have invested into this limited edition series. We hope you enjoy using them as much as we have enjoyed creating them.

• 100# Cover | 70# Text
• 3.5" x 5.5"
• 48 Pages