Nomad Notebooks


Most notebooks are boring. You find the same paper as you flip page after page. Our notebooks have different types of paper throughout! We love sketchbooks as much as the next person, but we like having different surfaces where we can explore our ideas. Inside a Nomad Notebook you might find a sheet of plain paper, next to graph paper, next to a vintage map print or an image. This mixed up paper helps your creativity by pushing you to change your approach to each page.

We get it: analog is tough. With every passing day more and more technology is developed and digital innovation is woven into the fabric of life around us.  

We believe anything worth having takes time. 

It takes time to pick up a pencil, write down your thoughts, sketch your ideas, and keep track of what you're thinking each day. It takes time to capture a memory by drawing it. It takes time to document life in your notebooks and store them so you can go back three years from now and see what you were doing today. And with each passing day people physically write things down less and less. This is a chance to slow down, be more intentional and enjoy life around you.

Nomad Notebooks started after we were successfully funded through Kickstarter. We are a pair of graphic designers, from Newport News, Virginia.